DIY Homemade Earl Grey Tea with Young Living Bergamot Essential Oil

One of the main reasons I got my Young Living Bergamot essential oil… Was to make Earl Grey Tea! (My favorite tea!) Here’s how to make it!

What you need:

Mason Jar (or any other glass jar)

Black Tea Leaves (I use Assam!)

Young Living Essential Oil: Bergamot


Drop approximately 10 drops into empty mason jar, more if you like stronger Bergamot!

Shake / Swirl the jar so that the Bergamot EO goes all over the sides and bottom of the jar

Then put your black tea leaves in the jar (I did approx. 6 tablespoons) – more or less is fine!

Shake / Swirl the jar so the Black Tea leaves get evenly coated by the Bergamot EO

VOILA! Earl Grey Tea!



DIY Citrus Fresh & Peppermint

All-Natural Sugar ScrubCitrus Fresh Sugar Scrub

I am not sure how many of you know this aspect of me and my personality, but many of you may! I am someone who LOVES to craft, to create, to inspire, and to do the DIY things as often as I have the time and resources.  I love making things as gifts for people and as means to make any dreary day just a bit brighter.

This DIY Sugar Scrub is certainly one of those [pick-me-ups] that I so often need! ESPECIALLY if I have to get up extra early to shower – It wakes me up, rather than my shower lulling me to sleep. Not only does it aromatically make me feel refreshed and ready to take on my day, but it supports the healthy look of skin, and leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple. I don’t even need a moisturizer following my shower (even if I shave!!) due to this amazing sugar scrub. I cannot obviously guarantee that you would experience the same thing as me, but I know you won’t regret making this either!!! It’s so so easy and I encourage you to try it out!

What you’ll need:

1/2 cup Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Organic, fair-trade Sugar

20 drops Young Living Citrus Fresh EO

10 drops Young Living Peppermint EO


Mix the coconut oil and sugar with a mixer, either stand up or hand mixer. Once it has become a pasty consistency, add the essential oils.  Continue to mix together until you have a fluffy and wonderful consistency!  Store in a covered glass container.  If you decide not to store it in the fridge (which is completely okay!), the ingredients may separate! But you can use your finger to mix it all back together prior to using again!  Last step: ENJOY! and feel refreshed and awakened! Your body will thank you later!