Why the delay?

Hi dear friends! I apologize for the delay in writing about my trip to Argentina & to share of my adventures there… but since being back, I’ve been sick. … still trying to figure out if it’s simply the change in diet, travel weariness, stress, or actually lactose intolerance or intensified sensitivity of it. 

With this all said, please pray for me as I am currently job searching, at war with myself (anxiety), and continuing to figure out this whole adult thing, and figuring out what’s going on with my insides. 

I just wanted to let you guys know, so that you weren’t left wondering, and so you’d know what’s going on in my brain. 

Today I had my first anxiety attack since leaving my job at the community mental health center. And I found myself crying in my apartment, pissed at literally anything/everything, where every little thing was cumulative to the last. Granted, being out of routine, I hadn’t taken my anti-anxiety medication (YES, I take medication because I know my chemicals are unbalanced). For the last couple days. So I took it, once I realized that needed to be done, I dowsed myself in some essential oils, and I headed to my fur child’s residence (about 25 minutes away). Because I know that for me personally, cats are soothing for my soul – and even the mere act of petting them lowers my blood pressure. AND YES THERE IS SO MUCH RESEARCH PROVING THAT ANIMALS CAN HELP WITH ALLEVIATING ANXIETY/DEPRESSION! If you would like me to share about this in another post, I would love to for you – just let me know πŸ™‚ 

With this said, my anxiety freak out was SO much better after taking medications, praying to the Lord all the way through everything, using essential oils, and petting my fur baby. And this next week I’ll be contacting a little ministry down the road from me to look into professional counseling. I had this before, but was able to get it through my grad school. But since then, I haven’t had a chance to experience talk therapy or discover more about myself in this manner. 

Please pray for me during this journey. Also, where I am currently living, I am unable to have a cat in the apartment. However, I will be getting my precious Willow as a registered ESA (emotional support animal) as soon as I can, so legally I am allowed to have her in my apartment. On the downside, it will cost me a steep $500 as my landlord has issued it, for me to have her here. So steep. 😦 I am looking forward to hopefully being able to accept donations / fundraise for my precious Therapy Cat (ESA) with essential oil rollers (Calming&Uplifting recipe)!! If you’re interested in this, let me know! I’ll advertise here and there for it, towards my $500 goal… because I know the Lord will provide πŸ’•  but as for now — here’s my precious Willow, my therapy-cat, my future housemate. She’s beautiful. She has no tail (she was born without one!). And I truly have bonded with her – and she with me. I can’t wait to take her home as soon as possible! This was me this afternoon, finally lowered anxiety, feeling better and feeling stable ❀️


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