Truth: My Word of the Year

If you had the chance to read my second to last blog post (Click Here!), you were to read that I decided to have a “word of the year” for the first time ever, and even set resolutions for this year! That’s crazy fun but also terrifying!

The reason I chose “Truth” as my word of the year?

  • I want to know the truth of what my relationship with the Lord looks like, and to then live according to that truth and intimacy with him.
  • I want to find the little nuggets of truth in every day life: in the lives surrounding me, in books, in other religions, in other ways of life. Because of the common grace of God, I don’t doubt that somewhere in other religions, lifestyles, cultures, people, that there are hints of truths – they just don’t know THE truth yet that sets all free!
  • I want to convey truth and be vulnerable about my life, what’s going on, and be able to share truth with others in this manner!
  • I want to speak truth into the lives of others through encouragement, support, and rebuke if need be – all in love! So that people can live their lives to the abundance that God has prepared for them – Sometimes they just don’t know it yet! Or are too stuck to see!
  • I want to dig into His WORD and the truth of WHO HE IS so that I can then live and walk in that truth and love him more through doing so.


This was a short one, but I just wanted to make sure I got this out there so that y’all can see where I’m going with all of this! I hope to share what I’m learning and living throughout the course of this year so that you, also, can experience the grace of God, encouragement, and perhaps the little nuggets when they come!




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