Why I started a blog & why you should read it. (I’m really not like this, please read below.)

You know what?

I could sit here and list out all the reasons why you should read my blog.  But this blog is not about façades, about fluffing things up, or a performance of pretending to have everything together. That isn’t real life and that’s not my life. I believe that words have so much power, whether or not anyone is listening. There’s the catch though, even if no one reads, listens, or understands: You shouldn’t be doing it for anyone else.

Yes, people may benefit, grow, be encouraged, find hope, truth, restoration through words spoken, deeds done, or a thought well thought. (And I find grace abounding in love through encouraging and find that sometimes we are CALLED to do these things!) However, if the main point is to please other people, then disappointment is sure to follow because worth and identity is not to be found in what others’ thoughts are of us.  With this said, I find my true identity in who I am in Christ and my relationship with him. And it will be difficult for me not to rely on people’s comments, views, or shares of this blog (or any social media really?!).  And with that said, there’s no telling how many times I will go over any of my posts to make sure my words are articulated exactly how I want them to (and if they’re not.. Oh well! Always room for improvement, right?!)

However, as I have been mulling over in my brain of how to start a blog over the last 2 weeks, one thing is continually popping up in my scatter-brain.


I have seen so many people suffer at the hand of secrecy: those who find themselves behind a mask, hidden under the covers, a wall-flower, those afraid to get out of the boat (like our dear friend, Peter – Matthew 14).  That hesitancy that we so often find ourselves stuck in of where we are afraid to share our struggles, our deepest sins, our greatest fears, our darkest parts — That is not what we, as human beings, were designed to be!  We were created to be ourselves, to relate with people emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We were created to have relationships, significant ones where abundant living and growth occur. The last thing the enemy wants us to do is to share what we struggle in, because in relating with peoples’ struggles: that’s where support, love, comfort, and compassion are found.  Vulnerability. Yes there are going to be “exceptions” to every rule where vulnerability with someone is not the wisest decision, nor do I believe flailing around your personal life is a good idea either. However, I have seen the impact that vulnerability can have amongst individuals and groups in a healing and restorative manner. And I wish to embrace that in every aspect of my life, wisely.

Why is this called Essentially Holistic Living?

As I have completed my first year of graduate school in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and have officially had my yearly evaluation with my supervisor (for my Community Mental Health center job!!), I have been stretched and challenged an incredible amount.  With this stress, anxiety, depression, crazy job, amazing relationship (38 days till marriage, say what?!), several moves, etc. I have learned the significant importance of holistic living.  My wellness mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually are intertwined with one another and can/do certainly affect one another on a daily basis.  I believe that striving toward wellness, wholeness, holistic living is a great thing to do: to eat healthier, be wise about what enters our minds (Philippians 4:8), take care of ourselves… But the significance rests in where we are spiritually.  We will search and find meaning, truth, health, wholeness, LIFE (WHICH ARE ALL GOOD THINGS!), but we can have the tendency to have our focus awry, perhaps getting lost with the objects of our search or in the search itself. This occurs if our search isn’t first rooted in something…someone… (Christ!)

**I also will be sharing my interaction with Essential Oils and the incredible benefits that I have experienced with them through Young Living & if you have any questions, please contact me! See Contact Tab! **

Disclaimer: I love tea. I love people. I embrace “The Little Things” because those are truly little blessings & get me through each day. I struggle with Anxiety/Depression. I am 21 years old. I am getting married July 16, 2016 to a broken but amazing man (and he’s marrying a very broken woman!), I LOVE essential oils, cats, walks on the trails, nature, creativity, spontaneity, Mac N Cheese, learning, working with children, art, MUSIC, and being weird.

I love to meet people where they are at. To find that vulnerability where growth starts and does not end. I have a grand feeling that the One whom I serve has lots to speak in and through me via this blog. Let’s adventure together. Welcome, dear friends!


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