are you ready for it? … Me neither.

Well, it's 11:51pm on November 12, 2017 and I hopped in the shower about 10 minutes ago, thinking that I’d go to bed very soon afterwards. But of course shower time = process life and everything else in between time. And Jesus met me there and smacked me in the face. He doesn’t call us... Continue Reading →


Thorn in the Flesh

Sometimes we have this thing That keeps poking at our identity Something we don’t want to be associated With the pain and the torment That daily constrains our lives And leaves us breathless And feeling like we’re Helpless Hopeless Abandoned Shipwrecked Isolated Gone Torn Useless. But that’s the funny thing, is that It reminds us... Continue Reading →

Outside the call of Desperation

Though there are times for seasons of hustle and a little added stress, maybe an ounce or two of huffing some Stress Away or Peace & Calming blends to take off the edge… I don’t believe that it should be constant. In any relationship, career, small business, or life. While battling a bout of depression... Continue Reading →

Operating in Strengths

Operating in Strengths // Recently I’ve been learning and listening to some wise words. Rather than following society’s skewed view of weaknesses, I am looking to kick the status quo to the curb. So often we’re told to “work-on” our weaknesses, to “improve” in those, (which is still sometimes good, don’t get me wrong!) whilst... Continue Reading →

your story

We all have something to share, something to tell, something to shout to the world. We have our own upbringing and our own experience with the world that surrounds us. We have our own shaped view of the world and what life should look like and how to live life. We choose to act around... Continue Reading →

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