Welcome, sweet friends!


Hi there! My name is Leah and this handsome hunk is my husband, Nico. We got married on July 16, 2016. He is my biggest supporter in everything, my own personal cheerleader who draws me closer to Christ and loves me so well. I LOVE married life.

I love people and relationships, I value vulnerability, and I’m ~essentially~ pursuing a holistic lifestyle. One that recognizes the fact that we all have spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical sides of ourselves that work individually but collectively together that create our whole being.

What You’ll find here:

  • No judgment
  • Encouragement
  • Raw vulnerability
  • A peek into this journey
  • Essential Oils
  • Jesus
  • Dad Jokes

Seeking authenticity & vulnerability in hopes of restoration, truth, challenges, and hope.

Thank you for checking out my page & for supporting me even by reading! I am pursuing this Essentially Holistic Living with Young Living Essential Oils in hopes of creating a healthy, holistic, and healing lifestyle apart from synthetic, harmful, and toxic substances.  This blog is more than just a blog about oils, it is about vulnerability & authenticity, adversity, diversity, courage, hope, and serving the King of Kings through these pages, the words, and essential oils in pursuit of a more holistic lifestyle.