the word that has changed everything for me.

So often we read the passage of Peter walking on the water toward Christ. And we all know what happens – Peter gets distracted by the wind and the waves and everything that is going on around him and ends up sinking, needing the Lord to come and lift him out. He lost sight of... Continue Reading →


Identity isn’t in the Want-To.

Sometimes I’m not able to Think clearly or productively to organize things like I want to Speak all the words that I want to Express all the emotions that I want to feel Feel all happy and enthusiastic and energetic like I want to Serve and give till my body and my heart and my... Continue Reading →

Thorn in the Flesh

Sometimes we have this thing That keeps poking at our identity Something we don’t want to be associated With the pain and the torment That daily constrains our lives And leaves us breathless And feeling like we’re Helpless Hopeless Abandoned Shipwrecked Isolated Gone Torn Useless. But that’s the funny thing, is that It reminds us... Continue Reading →

Outside the call of Desperation

Though there are times for seasons of hustle and a little added stress, maybe an ounce or two of huffing some Stress Away or Peace & Calming blends to take off the edge… I don’t believe that it should be constant. In any relationship, career, small business, or life. While battling a bout of depression... Continue Reading →

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