Aren’t we all Dory?

Ever since I've seen Finding Dory, I've cried throughout the entire movie because I knew what was going to happen at the end. Because I knew the feelings I'd experience when the ending comes. (IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET WHY NOT). And now I'll probably cry even more since the Lord laid this realization... Continue Reading →


it’s been one year since leaving for Argentina

Well folks, Exactly one year ago today I was on an adventure to another continent to meet a family I had never known before. Not just blood relatives to my husband, but the family that embraced and loved my in-laws in their 5 years of living and serving in Argentina from Buenos Aires to clear... Continue Reading →

Thorn in the Flesh

Sometimes we have this thing That keeps poking at our identity Something we don’t want to be associated With the pain and the torment That daily constrains our lives And leaves us breathless And feeling like we’re Helpless Hopeless Abandoned Shipwrecked Isolated Gone Torn Useless. But that’s the funny thing, is that It reminds us... Continue Reading →

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